When you’re considering a switch to solar, you need a customized solution delivered from a knowledgeable, honest solar installer that backs its work and its products. Electric Construction has been trusted in delivering commercial and residential rooftop solar projects across the Wisconsin region since 2012. The EC team provides complete solar energy system installations, including design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance. Every system comes with a 25-year performance warranty.

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The Benefits
  • Savings on electricity costs

  • Future-proofing against electricity price increases

  • Demonstrating your commitment to a green and sustainable future


4 Questions to Ask Before Considering Solar

1. Is your home or business roof suitable for solar?

2. What type of sun exposure does your property get?

3. Are you able to take advantage of tax incentives?

4. Is reducing your dependence on fossil fuels important to you?

Solar Power for Business

Understanding how your business consumes power is the first step. Most companies get a power bill every month without considering the usage breakdown. During our initial consultation, we will gain an understanding of your current power usage in order to determine the best solar solution. Then we’ll help you calculate the return on investment so you can decide if solar is the right choice for your business.

Solar Power for Homes

Energy use varies from household to household and your requirements aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Do you know which items in your home consume the most power and at what time of day? EC offers solutions that arm you with the knowledge of when and where your power is being used. It creates a transparency that helps you calculate the cost of an investment in solar.

For business or home, our solar installations are designed to fit your budget and power needs while reducing your overall carbon footprint. Learn more

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